Chum Chow


Chum Chow.

Dogs and cats were not designed to eat dry food, let alone foods full of fillers, grains and chemicals added to make them shelf stable and marketable.

As a part of the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (B.A.R.F.) diet, Carl has created a product highly packed with nutrients and a balanced formula made from raw protein and fat combinations. Just what your pet needs to maintain optimal health.  Veterinary visits for gastrointestinal and skin problems are minimized, if not eliminated, thereby saving pet owners money and providing them peace of mind.

Chum Chow is made with only government inspected meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, kelp meal, alfalfa, whole eggs, and garlic. We are confident that both you and your pets will be happy with the high quality of the Chum Chow meal.

What are the benefits?
Once on Chum Chow’s raw diet, pets will appreciate a properly functioning digestive system. You will notice:

  1. Shinier fur coat

  2. Decreased plaque on teeth

  3. Reduced "animal” odour from breath, body and excrement

  4. These benefits to your pet bring with them the advantages of fewer smelly messes to clean up, a decreased need for weekly shampoos, and even lower vet bills. As with humans, a proper diet for your animal companion will aid in the prevention of many health issues.

    Available in both 1lb and 2lb containers. To order in bulk contact us below.